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Audrey Duff BSc(Hons) GSR

Case Management

Audrey qualified with a BSc(Hons) degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2009 and is a member of the British Association of Sports Rehabilitators and Therapists (BASRaT). She has a wealth of experience complex musculoskeletal injuries. She spent seven years rehabilitating military personnel and used the fundamental basis of leadership and management skills to lead rehabilitation courses. Audrey also ran busy clinics across the spectrum of the Ministry of Defence care pathway. This ranged from primary care through to the world leading Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court.

At Headley Court, Audrey provided rehabilitation and recovery strategies for patients with wide ranging and catastrophic injuries, often as a result of trauma from operational tours of duty. This included working with patients recovering from amputations, gunshot wounds and blast injuries, alongside more chronic musculoskeletal injuries such as medial tibial stress syndrome, tendonopathies and complex fractures. She also dealt with neurological conditions such as chronic regional pain syndrome, which required a specialised pain management approach using a comprehensive spectrum of methods and techniques. Audrey is innovative and creative with her interventions, evidenced in her successful treatments of patients with dystonia and post-traumatic stress disorder amongst many other conditions. Vocational rehabilitation lay at the heart of Audrey’s approach to the military personnel. She structured rehabilitation goals and treatment plans around the operational needs of the patient. Audrey continually liaised with the chain of command to ensure the correct re-integration of the patient in to full military duties or the transition into meaningful civilian employment.

In 2015 during her work with the NHS Audrey ran classes for chronic back pain. She delivered injury rehabilitation and education for patients to understand and manage their symptoms. Audrey then also ran her own private clinic delivering rehabilitation to various populations and included assessing functional movement, pattern correction and muscular imbalances for injuries.

In 2016 Audrey expanded her clinical experience into working with clients with neurological conditions eg spinal cord injuries (SCI), strokes and brain injuries. This included paediatrics within the SCI population. She travelled to the US on multiple occasions and became the first British practitioner trained in locomotor training for SCI’s with the Christopher Reeves foundation. Audrey led rehabilitation sessions, training and used other modalities such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation. She was involved in developing a cutting-edge network, which provides activity based fitness in SCI and assisted in the design and patient transfer into a brand new bespoke neuro-rehabilitation centre. Audrey helped with rolling out of new concepts to other business centres in a cost-effective manner. Audrey has been responsible for teaching and mentoring members of staff and students along her career pathway.

Audrey then progressed her career working at St Georges Hospital as a major trauma rehabilitation co-ordinator. This involved helping major trauma patients in their complex discharge planning to involve the major stakeholders. She provided detailed reports outlining the rehabilitation needs and goals of the patient, resulting in interim payments for the patient’s future healthcare needs and rehabilitation beyond the NHS.

Audrey maintains her CPD through attending a variety of courses including those on major trauma, rehabilitation, and the case manager role to ensure up to date current best practice.