Expert Witness Services

What we do

Our highly skilled and trained Associates have at least eight years experience. They prepare expert witness reports for the Court and other bodies, and accept instructions from both claimants and defendants and also jointly. We understand the specific requirements of solicitors, especially that their cases can depend on the quality, timeliness and relevance of our report and input.

We specialise in recommendations for complex injuries and illnesses including brain and spinal cord injury, and for children.

We provide:

  • Care reports
  • Occupational therapy reports
  • Combined care and occupational therapy reports
  • Speech and language therapy reports
  • Physiotherapy reports
  • Nursing opinion reports
  • Loss of services reports

How we work

Our Reports

We prepare our reports to agreed deadlines and within agreed budgets.

We adhere to the accepted protocols of expert witness report writing. All our reports are independent, focused, objective, tailored to the individual and, above all, constructive. They detail costs for past, present and future needs.

Our reports range from short reviews of written evidence to full assessments of complex situations, with opinions, recommendations, and costings for care needs, home adaptations, transport, equipment, leisure, therapy and services.

We Provide:

  • Expert witness and full advisory reports
  • Supplementary reports
  • Response to questions including Part 35 questions
  • Joint expert meetings and joint statements
  • Case conferences
  • Court preparation
  • Court attendance

Where we work

Our experts work throughout the UK and abroad. We will provide desktop reviews or can assess claimants at home, work, school or in other community settings as necessary.