Internal Governance

We are very proud of our focus on Quality. It is one of the things that makes us different to our competitors. Here is how we maintain and improve the quality of our work:


We have a formal recruitment process for all associates that includes minimum requirements for experience and expertise and psychometric testing. We ask all applicants to demonstrate their written and presentation skills.

Education and Training

We offer a competency-based training programme for all new associates. Our case managers and expert witnesses are some of the best trained associates in the field. We continue training with an annual conference, monthly information bulletins, and case management and expert witness update days.

Supervision and Mentoring

Clinical supervision is provided to all associates. It is a regular session of one-to- one support for their caseload and personal development. Caseload levels are reviewed frequently to ensure associates have appropriate capacity and clients receive high standard of service. We offer yearly appraisals for all employees, with formal objectives for their development.


Our quality team objectively evaluate and audit our business and conduct a formal review of all written work, prior to submission to referrer.

Fact Sheet


We use uSPEQ® an independent data collection and reporting system – for regular surveys with clients, associates and employees to obtain feedback on services. We compare our organisation with other providers internationally using uSPEQ® benchmarked reports.

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Research and Development

Our associates keep up to date with best practice. They attend conferences and training courses and giving feedback to colleagues. We provide our time and skills to further our industry with direct involvement with major organisations.