Using Our Services


If you’ve had an injury, your solicitor may ask you to see a case manager or an expert witness from Harrison Associates.

When a case manager or expert witness visits you, you can expect them to:

Arrive punctually and introduce themselves

Show respect for you and your home

Describe their role so you understand what they’re there to do

Show concern about the impact of your injury.

Make a thorough assessment of your needs

Explain what will happen next

Act impartially and objectively

Listen to your views on what’s important to you

Case Managers - What to Expect

Your case manager will be a qualified health or social care professional – such as a nurse or occupational therapist – who is experienced in working with people who have had a severe injury.

When they visit you to carry out an assessment, you can describe your needs and they’ll tell you how they can assist you. As they get to know and understand you and your situation, they’ll be able to focus on what’s important to you and help you to become as well and healthy as possible.

Your case manager is there to work specifically for you and your interests. They’ll enable you to organise any support you need with as much choice as possible.

Many of our clients have stayed with us once their claim has been settled and we have some clients who have been with us for more than twelve years.

Expert Witnesses - What to Expect

An expert witness is a qualified health professional – such as a nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or speech and language therapist – who has in-depth clinical experience of situations such as yours.

They’ll visit you to assess your treatment, care, and equipment needs, and then write a report to the court with their opinions. They may have to attend legal proceedings to comment on that report.

After the visit, the expert witness will provide the court with a reasonable assessment of your needs and costed recommendations on how to assist you.

If you have any concerns about our case management or expert witness reports …

… please discuss them with us as soon as possible. Contact either your case manager or our practice director on 020 8998 2992. Alternatively you can reach us via our Contact us page.